Notte di Stelle

Director Luigi Faccini


Luis Bacalov Luigi Faccini Notte di stelle

Luana, a dreamy and unconventional girl from the suburbs, with some difficulties in her family and in search of gratifying escapism, ends up as an occasional singer, to the accompaniment of an out-of-tune orchestra. She soon realises that she is the object of ambiguous attentions and despotic arbitrariness from her improvised presenter, who at her first rebellion, beats her up. On the run from her family and her presumptuous manager, Luana randomly gets off a train in search of some kind of refuge, is robbed by a stranger and noticed by a couple of oddball travellers who offer her a lift in their car. The youngest is Carlo, who has just been released from prison and is on the run from his family in the Roman quarter of Tor Bella Monaca: the other is Lucio, a willing social worker at a rehabilitation centre for young people at risk. Lucio believes he can rehabilitate Carlo by getting him interested in a hypothetical film he intends to make, with the story of a young man at risk. The three sympathise and become friends, perhaps because Luana no longer knows where her parents have ended up, having been evicted from the house she had moved out of, and Carlo is surrounded by ambiguous peers who aim to get him into drugs. Having found her parents, Luana momentarily rejoins her family, without however losing sight of Lucio, who is grappling with increasingly difficult problems in the neighbourhood, nor Carlo, who finds in her the affection of the mother who left him. However, he is jealous of the feeling that he sees developing between Lucio and Luana, and so gradually loses interest in Lucio’s initiatives in favour of a revival and ends up getting involved with hooligans, losing his life in a random accident. Luana starts singing again, perhaps in a less shabby band than before, and Lucio decides to continue working for his Social Centre, proposing to ‘learn to listen to the people’.

Genre drama

Antonella Taccarelli: Luana
Tiziano Giuffrida
Fabio Bussotti: Lucio
Norma Martelli
Ivano Marescotti: father of Carlo

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Luigi Faccini Notte di stelle
Luis Bacalov Luigi Faccini Notte di stelle
Luis Bacalov Luigi Faccini Notte di stelle