A Rose for Everyone

(Una Rosa Per Tutti)

Director Franco Rossi


Luis Bacalov Cardinale Manfredi Una Rosa Per Tutti

Rosa is a beautiful girl who lives in Rio de Janeiro on the proceeds of some nursing services, and who has a rather abnormal conception of goodness and love. In fact, the girl, almost without realising it, spends her days with seven men, of different ages and social status, to whom she equally and selflessly dispenses her love: one is a student, the other a fisherman, then there is the elderly sculptor, the jazzman, the bartender, the unemployed. Of these men, only one, the Italian bartender, is jealous; and Rosa, who is with him in a more habitual sort of cohabitation, is forced to abandon him when he no longer has even a semblance of a home. This circumstance causes her to approach the doctor, himself Italian, who is used to handing her the medicines she uses to ‘nurse’. The doctor’s talk makes her reflect on the abnormality and danger of her situation and attracts her towards a more stable and normal union. But it is the doctor who hesitates this time and Rosa, once again, returns to her friends.

Genre comedy

Claudia Cardinale: Rosa
Nino Manfredi: Dr. Domiziani
Mario Adorf: Paolo
Lando Buzzanca: Aloisio
Akim Tamiroff: Basilio

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Cardinale Manfredi Una Rosa Per Tutti