Almost America

(Come l'America)

Directors Andrea and Antonio Frazzi


Come l'America. Musiche di Luis Bacalov

Almost America’s story begins in 1951. When the Po River in northern Italy floods her village, Antonia Di Vito (Ferilli) takes her children and sister Paola to Canada, where her husband Vincenzo has been working to establish a new home for the family. Upon their arrival in Alberta, Antonia is devastated to learn that Vincenzo has a new Canadian wife and child. Unable to return to Italy, she decides to stay in Edmonton. But life in the new country is difficult. Antonia finds that she can’t practise as a midwife; Paola discovers that she became pregnant before leaving Italy; and Antonia’s son, deprived of a strong father figure and unable to speak English, runs afoul of the law. Despite all the obstacles the family faces, Antonia remains determined to build a better life.

Genre: drama

Sabrina Ferilli: Antonia
Veronica Niccolai: Annina bambina
Vanessa Morley: Annina grande
Gioia Spaziani: Paola, sorella di Antonia
Massimo Ghini: Mario

Luis Bacalov soundtrack

Come l'America. Musiche di Luis Bacalov
Come l'America. Musiche di Luis Bacalov