Directors Andrea and Antonio Frazzi


Luis Bacalov Frazzi Angela Ferilli

Angela is a young mother who, in the Rome of 1943, earns money by speculating on the black market, between the memory of her fiancé who died in the war and the respectability of the people who condemn her. Angela is a cynical woman, but in the end she redeems herself, because she falls in love with Davide, a boy younger than her, the son of a Jewish jeweller who hides in her house paying for protection. However, the forced and clandestine cohabitation proves to be rich in emotions that transform the woman into an altruistic and complicit person, at the cost of paying dangerous consequences.

Genre drama

Sabrina Ferilli: Angela
Jürgen Tarrach: Marino Santipani
Miriam Candurro: Marta Giubilo
Vincent Lecoeur: Davide Brescia
Franco Barbero: Osvaldo Battilocchi
Alberto Cracco: Giulio Brescia

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov