Bacalov Plays Gardel

Selected Greatest Hits by Carlos Gardel arranged for Piano Solo by Luis Bacalov

Bacalov Plays Gardel. Selezione di successi di Carlos Gardel arrangiati da Luis Bacalov per Pianoforte

It is the story of a journey or rather, of a return: that of a great composer like Luis Bacalov, to his own land and home, which is also the land and home of tango. It is also the celebration of an encounter between two sacred monsters, between two artist souls who sang Buenos Aires and Argentina, because Bacalov returns home to cross, as has often happened, the streets of Carlos Gardel, singer and tango spirit icon. However, he retraces these roads that he already knows from having trodden every stone, with new eyes and always different feelings.
Here Bacalov welcomes Gardel’s inspiration, with the support of the piano alone he proposes his innovative spirit intact, whether he tackles the tango, whether he lands on the banks of samba or waltz. But to this personal elaboration of Gardel’s repertoire, he adds a touch of freedom that leads back to the great Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, a unique reference in the work of rewriting the scores.

Carlos Gardel:
Mi Buenos Aires Querido
El día que me quieras
Lejana tierra mia
Caminito soleado
Amores de estudiante

Luis Bacalov:
Ricercare Baires 1 (Omaggio a Gardel)

El día que me quieras
Mi Buenos Aires Querido
Edizioni UtOrpheus