Ballata da un Miliardo

Director Gianni Puccini


Luis Bacalov Ballata da un Miliardo

‘Big Smile’, a feared American gangster of Italian origin, is deeply disappointed by the behaviour of his son Joe, who has arrived incensed at the age of thirty. The old gangster decides to send the young man to Italy so that he can work his way up and pull off some big scores that will qualify him in American underworld circles. Once in Italy, Joe, with the help of four of his father’s elderly colleagues, puts an elaborate plan into action to seize the safe of a gambling house. While his co-workers are intent on piercing the wall of the room where the safe is located, Joe, with a series of lucky bets on the roulette wheel, robs the gambling house, legally taking possession of what was supposed to be the fruit of the heist. Believing that old ‘Big Smile’ would not be satisfied with the lucky outcome of the feat, Joe attempts a new robbery against the gambling house, but, discovered, ends up in jail with the whole gang.

Genre comedy thriller

Ray Danton: Big Joe Martin
Gianna Serra: Monica di Stefano
Kitty Swan: Valeria
Umberto Spadaro
Aldo Berti

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov Marcello Giombini