Director José María Sánchez


Burro. Musiche di Luis Bacalov

Burro, a very simple and naive young man, lives in a small town in Romagna with his mother and has very few friends who do not take him seriously because of his manias. A man of toil in the local cinema, he is tenaciously infatuated with an actress, Katarina; he never misses a film in which she is the protagonist and has a house full of her posters. When he is disappointed by how the woman in the last film gives in to the court of a photographer, he seems cured of that absurd attachment. But it is not so, for in his mind there is always her. He sees her in a young peasant girl who goes to pray at the foot of a cross and follows her. This, before disappearing, tells him a strange story about a girl and a red cat that baffles the young man. Then Burro sees Katarina again in a gypsy who predicts that he will meet his father in the guise of a dog and promises him a meeting of love by the river for the next day. In order to get the money to give to the gypsy girl, he dares to steal a consecrated host and blackmails the priest. But waiting for the appointment there is instead a threatening and ambiguous gypsy who humiliates and terrorizes him. Disappointed, Burro tries to change jobs and goes to work first as a barber and then as a taxi driver, but he never manages to do anything good. He learns from his mother that the man he believed to be his father, a carabiniere, was instead a clown forced after a grotesque episode to leave the Arma, he discovers that his real father was a pork butcher and also remembers the carefree days of boyhood in which he enjoyed the beach walking a pig. Once he meets the dog that is supposed to reincarnate his father’s soul, he leaves the village.

Genre: Comedy

Renato Pozzetto: Burro
Elena Sofia Ricci: Katarina
Margarita Lozano: Burro’s mother
Pierre Malet: the actor of the film
Victor Cavallo: the priest
Teodoro Corrà: Mustafa the magician

Luis Bacalov soundtrack

Burro. Musiche di Luis Bacalov
Burro. Musiche di Luis Bacalov
Burro. Musiche di Luis Bacalov
Burro. Musiche di Luis Bacalov