Caro Gorbaciov

Director Carlo Lizzani


Luis Bacalov Carlo LIzzani Caro Gorbaciov

Moscow 1937. Nikolai Bucharin, who has been disgraced for some years, knows he has little way out and only a few hours of freedom left. Kamenev and Zinoviev, already shot, have left explicit indications of Bucharin’s complicity in a conspiracy against Stalin. He decides to entrust a letter to the ‘future generations of Party leaders’ as his rallying cry and spiritual testament. It is evening, the letter is ready, but it must be destroyed before dawn. There is only one chance to preserve it: Anna Larina, his wife, must learn it by heart during the night. It is 27 February. It is a hallucinating night with moments of despair, alternating with moments of tenderness and sweet memories. At dawn, the letter is destroyed. Bucharin will be shot a year later and his widow will have to fight half a century to have her husband rehabilitated.

Genre drama

Harvey Keitel: Nikolaj Bucharin
Flaminia Lizzani: Anna Michailovna Larina Bucharina
Gianluca Favilla: Yuri
Francesca Lucidi: Anna as a girl

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Carlo LIzzani Caro Gorbaciov