Catch as Catch Can

(Lo Scatenato)

Director Franco Indovina


Bob is a famous actor of various advertising, but slowly begins to go crazy. In fact, he seems to be haunted by normal animals that do not take kindly. A bull for example, Bob throws in a river, while the mice gnaw a rope that held him suspended from a helicopter to shoot a commercial. When Bob refuses to turn advertising with other animals as extras, it is immediately fired. On the verge of despair, enters an ordinary fly, which begins to haunt the lives of the poor Bob who tries to kill her in every way, to no avail. When the fly disappears, Bob also continues to hear the annoying buzzing, beating their hands everywhere like a real fool.


Genre: comedy

Vittorio Gassman – Bob Chiaramonte
Martha Hyer – Luisa Chiaramonte
Gila Golan – Emma
Karin Skarreso – Girl Model
Massimo Serato – Agent
Carmelo Bene – Priest
Steffen Zacharias – Police Inspector
Jacques Herlin – Zoology Professor

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Lo Scatenato Indovina Gassmann
Luis Bacalov Lo Scatenato Indovina Gassmann