Ci Vuole un Fiore

Sergio Endrigo


Ci Vuole un Fiore. Musiche di Luis Bacalov - Sergio Endrigo. Testi di Gianni Rodari

Music Luis Bacalov - Sergio Endrigo

Lyrics Gianni Rodari

This venture started when Sergio Endrigo, not happy with the little children’s songs played on TV, decided to write to Gianni Rodari, whose “Grammar of Fantasy” he had greatly appreciated. The dense correspondence resulted in his proposal to write music for Rodari’s texts providing for them a worthy musical form, in order to let also the little ones have quality products. Rodari sent him about twenty poems, from which nine were selected to compose “Ci vuole un fiore”.
The team also included the trusted Luis Bacalov, who wrote the music with Endrigo and, above all, arranged it splendidly, creating a unique ensemble. The notes inside read: “One day someone had the idea to make this record, but no one remembers who it was. However, now the record exists and the words have been written by Gianni Rodari, the music by Luis Bacalov and Endrigo.
The children who sang were Annapaola and Giovanni Bacalov, Cristiana (Nora Orlandi’s daughter), Claudia Endrigo, Giorgia Lepore, Manuela and Maura (Cianciarelli’s twins), Silvia Somigli and Laura Pierazzuoli who unfortunately could not finish the record because she had the measles. All were instructed and directed by Nora Orlandi.
The speaking – not singing – voices are of passer-bys whowanted to have their say. The arrangements, basically any sound you can hear in the record, are by Luis Bacalov. The following musical and non-musical instruments were used for the arrangements: violins, violas, cellos, double bass, classical guitar, electric guitar and a guitar; piano, harpsichord, electric piano, hammond organ, trumpets, trombones, flutes in C, recorders, horns, bassotuba, bombardino, piccolo, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon, vibraphone, mandolins, tuba, whistle and other noisy little devilry. In addition, a tin box, a bucket of water, 4 coins of 100 lire, a couple of 10 and 50 and a telephone token, a ceramic ashtray, half a kilo of borlotti beans (raw), a bag of chips, a packet of breadsticks, a roll of tin foil, the spectators of the last Roma-Lazio match, a cannon and a horse.”

Genre: pop

Side A
Ci vuole un fiore
Un signore di Scandicci
Zucca pelata

Side B
Mi ha fatto la mia mamma
Ho visto un prato
Le parole
Il bambino di gesso
Non piangere

Ci Vuole un Fiore. Musiche di Luis Bacalov - Sergio Endrigo. Testi di Gianni Rodari
Ci Vuole un Fiore. Musiche di Luis Bacalov - Sergio Endrigo. Testi di Gianni Rodari

Ci Vuole Un Fiore

Un signore di Scandicci

Le parole

Non Piangere

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