City of Women

(La Città delle Donne)

Director Federico Fellini


La Città delle Donne. Colonna Sonora di Luis Bacalov

Marcello Snàporaz is a mature and imprudent man who, during a train ride, has a brief fling with a mysterious lady, and then he decides to follow her, getting off at a surreal station in the countryside. As he follows this total stranger, Marcello Snàporaz finds himself in a hotel, in the midst of a tumultuous congress of feminists who speak in prefabricated slogans and formulas, going on about worn-out topics and self-evident claims that, however, the protagonist does not understand. The hostile attitude of the onlookers drives Marcello Snàporaz to make a hasty escape and, with the help of one of the feminists and a maid, he manages to leave the hotel.
Outside the hotel, left stranded, after parting from the maid, he catches a lift from a group of very erratic girls; hence, trying to escape from them, he reaches the castle of Katzone, an old guru of ‘eros’ who lives on worshipping a type of obsolete femininity, guarding jealously and methodically a tidy collection of testimonials of his sexual conquests, a sort of multimedia art gallery where voices of women can be heard during moments of intimacy, in vain expectation of a return to his former glory. That very night, in the room where he was staying, under his bed Marcello discovers a secret passage to a long, bizarre slide (and sliding down on it, he is presented with images of women protagonists of his childhood) that terminates into cage.
Taken prisoner, he is brought to a courtroom where, still oblivious of his crime, he is sentenced by the feminists who then take him into an arena. There, he sees himself getting lynched in public, nevertheless emerging “victorious” and managing an escape from that weird place. He wakes up on the train, in front of his wife Elena: everything seems to suggest that it was nothing but a bad dream, but Marcello notices that his glasses are broken, just as they were in the dream. Even more incomprehensible to Marcello is the fact that, shortly after, three women who were in his dream sit next to him. But his face, initially perplexed and worried, immediately changes and, as he turns to his wife, he shows his self-pleased attitude of serene indifference.


Genre: fantasy – comedy

Marcello Mastroianni: Marcello Snàporaz
Anna Prucnal: Elena
Ettore Manni: dott. Xavier Katzone

Luis Bacalov soundtrack

La Città delle Donne. Colonna Sonora di Luis Bacalov
La Città delle Donne. Colonna Sonora di Luis Bacalov
La Città delle Donne. Colonna Sonora di Luis Bacalov

La Città delle Donne