Concerto Grosso per i New Trolls

Luis Bacalov - New Trolls


Concerto Grosso per i New Trolls musiche di Luis Bacalov

In 1971 one of the greatest recordings of the progressive scene in Italy and beyond, was released: “Concerto Grosso per i New Trolls”. In this record the Genoese musicians, together with composer L. Bacalov have given life to a successful example of fusion between classical and rock music.
Initially conceived as the soundtrack of a film with T. Milian, directed by Maurizio Lucidi, entitled “The Designated Victim”, this album immediately earned its own popularity and great critical acclaim. The structure of the record traces precisely that of the Baroque concerto grosso, the music was composed by Bacalov, and the band also had a hand in it. The lyrics were inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet (… to die, to sleep, maybe to dream …). The “concert” is composed of three movements, Allegro, Adagio and Cadenza – Andante con moto, and a fourth part entitled “Shadows”, dedicated to Hendrix. A long improvisation (over twenty minutes) performed by the Trolls only, without the orchestra, concludes the record.


Genre: progressive rock

Side A
1º tempo: Allegro
2º tempo: Adagio
3º tempo: Cadenza
4º tempo: Shadows (per Jimi Hendrix)

Side B
Nella sala vuota

Concerto Grosso per i New Trolls musiche di Luis Bacalov



Andante con moto

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