Luis Bacalov- Il Rovescio della Medaglia


Contaminazione. Luis Bacalov- Il Rovescio della Medaglia

The Italian prog of the seventies is still admired and loved all over the world. A sign that in our country we have always known how to make music of sublime quality. Il Rovescio della Medaglia has been a worthy standard bearer of our prog rock and still amazes with this Contaminazione, a spectacular album, very modern, which marks the pace of the times only for the sound understandably dated. But the contents are simply exceptional and, despite everything, the sound, already considerable at the time, remains enjoyable, warm and enveloping.

In 1973 was recorded Contamination, the best work of these Romans, animated by incredible mixtures, made of many instruments, harmonizations and atmospheres varied but incisive. The composer Luis Enriquez Bacalov is involved in the composition and arrangement of the music and the result is one of the best records of Italian progressive rock.
The title alludes to the contamination between rock instrumentation and symphony orchestra, with particular reference to the music of Bach and the lyrics are centered on the figure of a Scottish musician of the ‘700 obsessed by the great composer of which he believes the 21st reincarnated son.

The disc, very nice and technically impeccable, won a good response from critics and audiences, to the point that it will be made a version in English for the foreign market in 1975, titled Contamination, a sign that the Italian prog was respected and required everywhere.
Franco Leonetti

Genre: Progressive rock

1. Absent for this consumed world
2. Ora non ricordo più
3. Il suono del silenzio
4. Mi sono svegliato e…ho chiuso gli occhi
5. Lei sei tu: lei
6. La mia musica
7. Johann
8. Scotland machine
9. Cella 503
10. Contaminazione 1760
11. Alzo un muro elettrico
12. Sweet suite
13. La grande fuga

Contaminazione. Luis Bacalov- Il Rovescio della Medaglia
Contaminazione. Luis Bacalov- Il Rovescio della Medaglia

La grande fuga