Donde Tú Estés

Director German Lorente


Luis Bacalov Donde tu estes claudia mori

On the Costa del Sol, Lisa, the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, and Paul Vallier, a French writer, meet by chance. The girl has recently gone through an amorous disappointment; Paul in turn has lost all faith in his own talent and lives like a parasite behind the back of a woman older than him. When the sentimental bond between Paul and Lisa grows stronger, neither of them wants to admit it: she because she fears a new disappointment; he because he no longer has confidence in himself. Therefore Paul decides to break off his relationship with Lisa. The girl, disillusioned and desperate, attempts suicide, but is fortunately saved in time. Once she has recovered, Lisa agrees to marry Gunther, a young German suitor who is her father’s partner. When everything seems to be drawing to a close, both Lisa and Paul realise their mistakes and unite again to start a new life.

Genre drama

Maurice: Paul Vallier
Claudia Mori: Lisa Branzeri
Ángel Aranda: Gunther Franck
María Asquerino: Colette Aurillac
Luis Dávila: Rodolfo
Katia Loritz: Carmen
Patricia Viterbo: Elka
Charlie Beal: Pops

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Donde tu estes claudia mori
Luis Bacalov Donde tu estes claudia mori