Dopo la Tempesta

Directors Andrea and Antonio Frazzi


Luis Bacalov Dopo la Tempesta Frazzi Berger

Sara is a pianist, her husband Giacomo Renzi is a lawyer. With their sons Matteo and Luca they make up what can safely be described as a normal, middle-class, happy family. At least until the New Year’s Eve party where Matteo, so the prosecution says, rapes and kills Laura a fifteen-year-old girl. Neither Sara nor Giacomo can believe it, but it will be their youngest son Luca who will help them discover the tragic truth.


Genre: drama

Senta Berger: Sara Renzi
Omero Antonutti: Giacomo Renzi
Jo Kern: Irina
Adelmo Togliani: Luca Renzi

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov