Luis Enríquez and his Electronic Men


Electronia. Luis Bacalov

“Don’t be fooled by the title, this is not a record of electronic music but twelve tracks played by a small instrumental combo: three guitars, drums, piano and double bass. The sixth instrument is the recording studio that works electronically. Through amplification, overdubbing, cutting and reducing the sounds created by the instrumental combo, the electronic recording imbues each musical element, whether famous or original, with a new, truly unusual and extremely attractive flavor.”
Don’t let the name fool you: this is Luis Enriquez Bacalov playing an exciting mix of beat-surf-rock’n’roll accompanied by Enrico Ciacci, Alessandroni and Tosoni on guitar, the Munaro brothers on drums and Simeone on double bass. Enriquez himself plays organ, harpsichord and electric piano. In some tracks he also uses the “Onde Martenot”, an electronic instrument named after its inventor.
 The track list combines original songs by Bacalov and some covers including the fantastic version of Ninna Nanna by Morricone.

Genre: beat-surf-rock’n’roll

1 Incontro a Roma (Enriquez)
2 Spanish Drag (Enriquez)
3 Walk Dont Run 64 (John Smith)
4 Il Guardiano (Tosoni)
5 Ninna Nanna 65 (Morricone)
6 Lady Guitar (De Mutiis)
7 Fender with Anger (Enriquez)
8 Foglie Gialle (Enriquez)
9 Tequila (Chuck Rio)
10 Montemario by Night (Enriquez)
11 Guitar Spyder (De Mutiis)
11 Rigel 1 (Enriquez)

Electronia. Luis Bacalov