Elsa & Fred

Director Michael Radford


Elsa & Fred. Musica di Luis Bacalov

Elsa is a fun-loving pensioner who falls in love with a widower of a very traditionalist and reserved character, who has just moved into his building. Fred, in fact, after the death of his gruff wife, at the insistence of his daughter, moves to New Orleans, right next door to the pensioner. The two over-seventy-year-olds have very different temperaments and lifestyles: if Fred, 80 years old, is a tough and unfriendly man, fond of a sleepy routine without major upheavals, Elsa is instead vital and romantic, with many dreams to realize. First and foremost, to walk in Rome like Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita. The woman, with patience and a pinch of imagination drags Fred beyond the doorway, into the street, the park and the restaurant.
“Elsa and Fred” is a sweet romantic comedy that, with a touch of exuberance, wants us to understand that for love is never too late. Life can always have surprises in store for us, the important thing is to know how to seize them and make the most of them. The vitality of Elsa, a woman who has never given up and loves life, pushes Fred, a disenchanted widower with a very closed character, to turn his daily life around as an old man. Knowing how to appreciate and transform what destiny has in store for us is a fundamental skill and this film shows us this with great intelligence and tenderness. In each of us there is a part of Fred and we just need to find our Elsa to make her smile again.
Alice Turiani

Genre: comedy

Shirley MacLaine: Elsa Hayes
Christopher Plummer: Fred Barcroft
Marcia Gay Harden: Lydia
Chris Noth: Jack
Jared Gilman: Michael
Scott Bakula: Raymond Hayes

Luis Bacalov soundtrack

Elsa & Fred. Musica di Luis Bacalov
Elsa & Fred. Musica di Luis Bacalov
Elsa & Fred. Musica di Luis Bacalov