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(La Casa delle Orchidee)

Director Derek Ford


Luis Bacalov La Casa delle OrchideeĀ 

At the opening of the film, we are informed that there are certain clinics in the world that specialise in the techniques of bringing out intimate sexual tendencies from the depths of the human being for the purpose of liberation from bourgeois moralistic taboos. These therapeutic institutions take the euphemistic name of ‘orchid houses’, which is an acrostic to indicate their ‘scientific’ purpose! The film illustrates one based in Venice: the events that took place there during one of the last Venetian carnivals are presented. Some ladies casually frequent the pools of the Venetian orchid house, naively falling into the business of a pseudo-psychiatrist. The three stories intertwine with each other. A buxom temptress takes a special interest in one of them and chooses the protagonist to be her favourite friend, for therapeutic purposes of course! The latter eventually realises she has been plagiarised and enslaved, morally forced to abandon her dying father; she rebels and shoots herself, thus leaving the scene. The seducer is already scouting the Venetian calli for the next victim of her plots.

Genre comedy crime

Maurice Larry Dolgin
Roberto Gallozzi
Ibis Gardner
Marina Miller
Robert Sommer
Gregory Snegoff

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov