Halleluja for Django

(La più Grande Rapina del West)

Director Maurizio Lucidi


Luis Bacalov La Più Grande Rapina del West Lucidi

A gang of outlaws led by the ferocious Jarret carries out a daring robbery of the Middletown bank. As the sheriff and his men set off in pursuit of the bandits, David, the brains of the gang, travels to the town of Poorlands with the fruits of the heist. Some time later, his accomplices join him in Poorlands to divide, as agreed, the stolen money. Sheriff Martin tries to cope with the violence to which the outlaws, elated by the success of their enterprise, indulge, but pays with his life for his courageous attitude. Bill, Martin’s brother, decides to avenge Martin’s death by teaming up with David, who intends to seize the entire fruit of the heist: in this way, the band of outlaws is completely routed. Bill thus succeeds in obtaining his revenge, while David sees his dream of taking possession of all the stolen money come to a trivial end: the boxes containing the gold coins are blown up together with Jarret following the explosion of a dynamite depot in which they had been hidden.


Genre: western

George Hilton: Billy “Rhum” Cooney
Jack Betts: David, the false monk
Walter Barnes: Jarrett/Clay Thomas
Erika Blanc: Jenny
Sarah Ross: Moira
Mario Brega: Yanaro
Glen Fortel: Sheriff Martin Cooney

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov La Più Grande Rapina del West Lucidi
Luis Bacalov La Più Grande Rapina del West Lucidi