Hidden Moon

(Luna Escondida)

Director José Pepe Bojórquez


Luna Nascosta. Musiche di Luis Bacalov

Miranda (Ana Serradilla), a mysterious and beautiful woman breaks into the funeral service of a powerful Southern California man, disrupting the tranquility of the deceased’s family. Victor (WesBentley), the man’s son, searches everywhere for her in order to discover who she is and what her true intentions are, until he finally finds her in Guanajuato, Mexico, living with another man; Tobias (Osvaldo de Leon). Victor confronts her and forces her to reveal the relationship she had with his father; Miranda denies having known him and tells him that they will never hear from her again. If Miranda is telling the truth, then what was she doing at Victor’s father’s funeral, who is the man she is now living with? This crossroads is the beginning of a chain of events where the protagonists will face the dilemma that occurs when true love presents itself twice at the same time.

Genre: commedy – sentimental

Ana Serradilla: Miranda Rios
Johnathon Schaech: William Brighton
Linda Gray: Eva Brighton
Osvaldo de León: Tobías
Wes Bentley: Victor Brighton

Luis Bacalov soundtrack

Luna Nascosta. Musiche di Luis Bacalov
Luna Nascosta. Musiche di Luis Bacalov
Luna Nascosta. Musiche di Luis Bacalov

Love theme