Highest Pressure

(Altissima Pressione)

Director Enzo Trapani


Luis Bacalov Altissima Pressione

Music Luis Bacalov, Ennio Morricone

Roberto, a young singer-songwriter in search of success, manages, together with a few friends, to convince the father of one of them to open a club in which they all participate and which is called the ‘Caciotta club’. In the meantime, Roberto, who is engaged to Lia, meets Serenella, a girl who, through her father’s influence, can open important doors for the young man at a show. Indeed, thanks to this new friendship, the singer-songwriter first gets an audition and then the recording of his first record. Taken by success, the boy forgets Lia who, desperate for abandonment, walks away with black intentions. Fortunately, the alarm is raised by his little sister and the whole clique of the ‘Caciotta club’ sets off noisily in search of him. And Lia will be found thanks to Roberto’s song that portable radios broadcast in every corner of the city.

Genre musical

Dino: Roberto
Micaela Esdra: Lia
Mauro Bronchi: Fausto
Gianluca Amadio: Sandro
Lilly Bistrattin: Gianna
Roberto Palmieri: Gigi
Anna Maria Checchi: Laura
Léa Nanni: Daniela
Gianni Morandi: himself
Rosemarie Dexter: Serenella
Fabrizio Capucci: himself
Lucio Dalla: himself
Nicola Di Bari: himself
Lando Fiorini: himself
Peppino Gagliardi: himself
Françoise Hardy: himself
Anna Maria Izzo: herself
Michele: himself
The Rokes: themselves
Ricky Shayne: himself
Edoardo Vianello: himself

Luis Bacalov Altissima Pressione
Luis Bacalov Altissima Pressione
Luis Bacalov Altissima Pressione