Ho Visto un Re, Bobo Merenda

Enzo Jannacci


Luis Bacalov Jannacci Ho visto un re Bobo merenda

Ho Visto un Re: lyrics and music Dario Fo, Omicron

Bobo Merenda: lyrics and music Luis Eduardo Aute, Enzo Jannacci. Arrangements Luis Bacalov

Ho visto un re is one of Dario Fo’s most famous songs from the show Ci ragiono e canto. The song is an ironic take on the powerful, whose interests are always to the detriment of ordinary people. Jannacci proposed Ho visto un re at the auditions to participate in Canzonissima 1968, but the song was rejected because of the lyrics. In the following years, the song became very famous after being sung together with great figures of Italian music and comedy, including the author himself Dario Fo and Paolo Rossi.

Bobo Merenda, the song is a cover of a song by Luis Eduardo Aute.

Genre pop

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