I Protagonisti

Director Marcello Fondato


Luis Bacalov Flaiano I protagonisti

For five hundred thousand lira, the Sardinian outlaw Taddeu is willing to meet with thrill-seeking tourists. Roberto, who has accepted Taddeu’s invitation, is joined by two women and two men. Under the gaze of a police commissioner, who can do nothing to prevent the expedition, the five tourists go to meet the bandit. While they are busy photographing and interviewing him, the ‘blue berets’ – the special forces engaged in the fight against banditry -, after flying over the area in a helicopter, start to climb towards the bandit’s hideout. For a few minutes, the five of them are taken aback by the situation and one of them, almost as if he felt in the shoes of an outlaw, even fires a few shots in the direction of the soldiers. However, when they come closer, they leave the place, fleeing after Taddeu and the two men who live with him. When the bandits leave them to enter a forest, the five, anxious to repudiate their previous behaviour, signal to the ‘blue berets’ the direction taken by Taddeu. The bandit is spotted and a furious shootout takes place, in which two ‘blue berets’ and an outlaw lose their lives, while Taddeu, although wounded, manages to escape. Breaking the news of what had happened, the radio, speaking of the five tourists, calls them ‘protagonists’ of a courageous adventure.

Genre drama

Sylva Koscina: Nancy
Jean Sorel: Roberto
Pamela Tiffin: Gabriella
Lou Castel: Taddeu
Luigi Pistilli: Tassoni
Maurizio Bonuglia: Nino
Giovanni Petrucci: Carlo
Gabriele Ferzetti: Commissioner

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Flaiano I protagonisti
Luis Bacalov Flaiano I protagonisti
Luis Bacalov Flaiano I protagonisti