Il Nostro Piccolo Angelo

Directors Andrea and Antonio Frazzi


Luis Bacalov Il Nostro Piccolo Angelo Frazzi Caselli

”The film,” say the directors, ”is a fairy tale… but not one of those important ones with ogres, fairies, princes and princesses… Our Little Angel is a fairy tale set in our days, with characters who have the same problems, the same aspirations, the same fears, anxieties, pains, emotions”.
Chiara Caselli plays the role of Sofia, a shy and awkward secretary with a passion for fairy tales. A serene and quiet family like many others, that formed by Sofia, Flavio and little Nina. But suddenly a tragedy upsets the whole balance of the couple from the ground up: the little girl dies inexplicably during a play in the courtyard. Everything seems to collapse around the distraught parents, when Nina’s mother – first bewildered then happy – sees her little daughter come home. She is a ‘little angel’ who speaks and shows herself only to her mother, giving her advice and courage. There has been a mistake. In reality she was not supposed to die and now she must make sure that her parents return to the serenity and love of before. It is only in this way that she can return to them in the guise of a new child.


Genre: drama fantasy

Chiara Caselli: Sofia
Jochen Horst: Flavio
Alessia Bruno: Nina

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov