Io, Domenico Modugno “Inedito”


Luis Bacalov Domenico Modugno

Orchestrations Luis Bacalov

“How did the project for the unreleased album come about?”

‘It was Franca and Massimo Modugno who proposed me to work on a series of songs contained in some audio cassettes. The job wasn’t easy but I had a friendship with Mimmo and I didn’t want to back out. From the ‘home-made’ auditions, I had to make the instruments disappear and create new orchestrations: I did the work of a tailor, with great care. The processing was complicated from a technological point of view, because several songs were not well recorded. The tapes were cleaned by masking the original sounds, to which I superimposed those of the new orchestrations. I had a lot of fun creating different versions of famous songs like Nel blu dipinto di blu.”

“You were very close to Modugno, can you give us a true memory… “

“He was a great funny man, full of vitality, of cheerfulness, of ideas, he possessed a kind of crazy electric charge. He was not a conventional singer… He had vocal limitations, but it was in these that he found his strength; and the total novelty lay in the fact that he was not bound to bel canto like Villa, but to another way of singing that he certainly took from the French, from Bécaud or Brassens. He did not imitate them, however; he was simply influenced by their songs, in which the words carry much more weight than the music. The song in Italy was different before him, who, not coming from the academy, invented a new way of interpreting it, taking it from folklore and transforming it into a new language. Perhaps he was the first Italian to have worldwide success, they called him Mister Volare.”
Luis Bacalov

Genre pop

1. Vecchio Frack – Domenico Modugno
2. È Bbello ’O Mare (No, No, No) – Domenico Modugno, Eduardo De Filippo
3. Tu Si’ ’Na Cosa Grande – Domenico Modugno, Roberto Gigli
4. Le Donne Belle – Carlo Siliotto, Domenico Modugno
5. Sei Così Bella E Così Sola – Domenico Modugno, Salvatore Palomba
6. Mille Fami – Domenico Modugno, Fabio Storelli
7. E Si Presenta – Domenico Modugno, Eduardo De Filippo
8. Un Pagliaccio – Diego Calcagno, Domenico Modugno
9. Storia Di Mimino Modugno – Domenico Modugno
10. Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) – Domenico Modugno, Franco Migliacci
11. Resta ‘Cu Mme – Dino Verde, Domenico Modugno