La Banda del Buco

Director Mario Amendola


Luis Bacalov La Banda del Buco Amendola Claudio Villa

A gang of scoundrels, whose leader is called ‘Morbidone’, carries out their activities, with varying degrees of luck, using the ‘hole’ system. One day, a strange young man of modest appearance presents himself to Morbidone, who starts making certain speeches that are unusual for him: he talks to him about honesty and conscience. He then says that he is his guardian angel, who, by special concession, has come down to earth to warn him while there is still time and prevent him from going to hell. Morbidone thinks this is a joke; but from then on, none of his plans come to fruition. One night, during an action in a villa, Morbidone is bitten by an angry dog, and as a result of this mishap he finds himself on the verge of death: at this juncture he promises to amend himself if he survives, and he recovers. From then on, Morbidone and his companions devote themselves exclusively to good works; but when the leader wants to take stock to see if honest deeds equal past wickedness, he is told that good deeds are worthless if done with an ulterior motive. So he gets angry and declares that he wants to resume his old life. He decides to rob a bank, but when the plan is about to be carried out, the angel urges him to reflect that the criminal action will result not only in his own damnation, but also that of his friends and relatives. Out of love for these, Morbidone ensures that the hit is not carried out, while an unfortunate accident causes his death. But his good deed without ulterior motive has evened the score: Morbidone sets off with his angel to Paradise.


Genre: comedy

Claudio Villa: Angelino
Elio Crovetto: Morbidone
Piera Farfarella: Marisetta
Ferruccio Amendola: Alfredo
Fanfulla: Cucchiara
Gianni Musy: Bellavista
Maria Pia Casilio: Cordelia
Mario Carotenuto: Annibale Cinquifogli
Cesira Vianello: Marescialla
Dina De Santis: segretaria di Cinquifogli
Marcello Martana: Ninetto called Patata

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov La Banda del Buco Amendola Claudio Villa
Luis Bacalov La Banda del Buco Amendola Claudio Villa