La Bugiarda

Director Franco Giraldi


Luis Bacalov Giraldi Dellera Bugiarda

Isabella is a beautiful 20-year-old girl who lives with her mother in a house owned by the Vatican. During a property census, the girl makes the acquaintance of Prince Adriano Sinisbaldi, who is enchanted by her beauty and starts courting her. The two date, but Isabella’s mother does not approve and would like the girl to settle down with Albino, a young teacher, so Isabella resorts to constant lies, both to her mother and to Adriano, until she discovers that Adriano is married. Convinced that the prince will never ask for the annulment of the marriage, Isabella gets engaged to Albino, but continues to date Adriano, continuing to tell lies. But she is discovered and, after attempting suicide, finally leaves the prince and promises Albino not to lie any more. But while looking for a job, Isabella is asked what experience she has had and so …

Genre comedy

Francesca Dellera: Isabella
Daniel Olbrychski : Adriano
Marie LaforĂȘt: Elvira
Maurizio Donadoni: Albino
Antonella Monetti: Claudia
Delia Boccardo: Paola
Roberto De Francesco: Corrado
Dario Casalini: Luca

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Giraldi Dellera Bugiarda