La Deuda

La deuda o la insólita y no menos asombrosa resurrección y segunda muerte de Alí Ibrahim María de los Altos Pozos y Resuello, llamado El Turco


Luis Bacalov Nicolás Buenaventura La Deuda

Directors Nicolás Buenaventura Manuel José Álvarez

The story begins with the death¸ of a usurious man called El turco. It is not known who killed him¸ but¸ in one way or another¸ everyone had something to do with it. He is buried in a makeshift grave¸ without a headstone¸ next to the cemetery. The townspeople prepare to go on with their daily lives¸ happy about the disappearance of their creditor¸ and to recover the pawned goods. However¸ guilt begins to divide them. Begonia¸ who had some sentimental relationship with the deceased¸ steals the corpse; in each family¸ remorseful guilt begins to breed ghosts. They feel haunted by the Turk¸ who¸ according to them¸ has returned to collect what is owed to him. As if it were a divine punishment a real deluge is unleashed and repentant¸ the villagers¸ decide to make a procession. A new dying man appears¸ Nicanor¸ who is poisoned¸ and dies. He is buried in the cemetery¸ but on the tombstone¸ instead of his name¸ the name of the Turk appears.

Genre drama

Vicky Hernández
Jairo Camargo
Humberto Dorado
Marcela Valencia
Nicolás Buenaventura
Manuel José Álvarez
Alejandra Borrero

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov