La Festa Perduta

Director Pier Giuseppe Murgia


Luis Bacalov Murgia La festa perduta

It is the story of four young Romans: Luca, the son of a general; Giovanni, a Sardinian; Sara, a teacher, and Matteo, united by their hatred against the bourgeois order, their decision to resort to proletarian expropriations and to use armed violence. This, after violent clashes with the police, during which Giovanni’s girlfriend was killed. Luca is the tough guy in charge. Under his leadership the four terrorists kill two officers in cold blood, break with the comrades opposed to violence, rob an office and flee to Genoa, where, while carrying out a proletarian expropriation, they are caught by the police and killed, except for Luca who admits he is a failure, that he has made society worse and commits suicide.

Genre drama

Fabrizio Bentivoglio: Luca
Cristina Donadio: Sara
Stefano Raffi: Matteo
Giancarlo Sulis: Giovanni
Mara Nocilla: Maddalena

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Murgia La festa perduta
Luis Bacalov Murgia La festa perduta