La Giacca Verde

Director Franco Giraldi


La Giacca Verde. Musiche di Luis Bacalov

A young and already famous conductor, Walter Salvini, interrupted the rehearsal of Verdi’s Otello at the Opera in Rome in 1946. The cause of this abrupt interruption was that he recognised among the orchestra members Romualdi, the timpanist, whom he had met during the war while they were both refugees in a small mountain village. At the time, Romualdi was passing himself off as an important conductor and Salvini, who was hiding behind the identity of a clerk, had indulged in a cruel game that had allowed him to enjoy, among other things, the good graces of the beautiful Marta, a former diva of the regime, who had hosted them. The unexpected encounter during the opera rehearsal triggers in the haughty intellectual a mechanism of remorse that reveals all his pettiness and the conductor will not be able to direct what he believed to be an inferior character to him.

Genre: drama

Jean-Pierre Cassel: Walter Salvini
Senta Berger: Marta
Renzo Montagnani: Romualdi

Luis Bacalov soundtrack