La Meravigliosa Avventura di Carlos Gardel

Luis Bacalov Piano


La Meravigliosa Avventura di Carlos Gardel. Luis Bacalov Pianoforte

A passionate and poignant tribute to the great Argentine composer-singer, a true icon of tango throughout Latin America. The composer-pianist-director Luis Bacalov has included in this project many of the compositions and interpretations that made Gardel legendary. The marvelous adventure of Carlos Gardel, was born from the common conviction of Maestro Luis Bacalov and director Andrea Borselli that the time had come to pay a tribute to Gardel, focusing attention once again on his figure. Thus Luis Bacalov moved to determine the compass that completely marked the direction of these transcriptions, elaborations and paraphrases: from singing to the sound of the piano strings. An attempt (extraordinarily successful) to make one listen to these pieces as one listens to Chopin, Schumann or Brahms in their short compositions, a daring challenge, in the conviction that these pieces can be played in a “recital”, coexisting on a par, with dignity, with Ginastera, Cervantes, Villalobos or Juan José Castro, but also with the great tradition of “cultured” music of the West which, we must not forget, has drawn so many times on popular, peasant and urban music.

Genre: tango

1 Mi Buenos Aires Querido
2 La Cumparsita
3 El Dia Que Me Quieras
4 Paseo De Julio
5 Madreselva
6 Sueños de Juventud
7 Lejana Tierra Mia
8 Caminito Soleado
9 Golondrinas
10 Melodia de Arrabal
11 Milonga Sentimental
12 Ricercare Baires 1
13 Volver
14 Amores De Estudiante
15 Adios Muchachos
16 Caminito
17 A Media Luz

Mi Buenos Aires querido
El dia que me quieras