La Partita di Pallone, Amore Twist

Rita Pavone


La Partita di Pallone: lyrics and music Carlo Rossi, Edoardo Vianello. AmoreTwist: lyrics and music Angelo Bovenzi.

Arrangiament Luis Bacalov

La Partita di Pallone
Famous song by Rita Pavone signed Rossi-Vianello, and which the authors had been keeping warm for some time waiting for a female voice that could make it explode. It is the heartfelt plea of a girlfriend to be taken to the stadium by her beau, suspecting, moreover, that so much footballing fervour served as an alibi for faithless pastimes.
The song was an overwhelming success and is still a cult hit today. Rita Pavone, then 17 years old, had just won the Festival degli sconosciuti in Ariccia. In less than two months, she reached the top of the hit parade with this song, which sold well over a million copies, with an unprecedented exploit.
Maurizio Targa


Genre: pop

Discografia Nazionale della Canzone Italiana