L’assassino Ha le Ore Contate

Director Fernando di Leo


Luis Bacalov Di Leo L’assassino ha le Ore Contate

A series consisting of episodes of 45 minutes each. The concept was this: to tell the story of a fixed nucleus of police investigators grappling, from time to time, with particularly complex murder cases, hence with a high number of suspects and a murderer to discover. A simple and classic framework, which evidently looked to Agatha Christie’s model, in which the whodunit mechanism was supported by logical-deductive reasoning, based on the testimonies, clues and analyses of a scientific police nucleus. In the screenplays prepared by Fabio Pittorru, a specialist in detective stories for the small screen, the narrative iter followed a scheme that was always the same: introduction of the characters, murder, intervention of the investigation team at the crime scene and questioning of witnesses, return to the police station with further questioning and initial conclusions, based on forensic data, then new investigations on site, sub-final and final unravelling of the mystery in the presence of all suspects.

Genre thriller

Carole André: Inspector Mariani
Pier Paolo Capponi: Commissioner Terrieri
Edmund Purdom: The foreman of the forensic team
Carlo Greco: Carmelo Reale

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov