L’Avvocato delle Donne

Directors Andrea and Antonio Frazzi


L'Avvocato delle Donne. Musiche di Luis Bacalov

Lawyer Irene Salvi deals with women who have been delegitimized from the right to have justice. Irene, an upright woman and a good professional, lives serious problems in her family: after her divorce, she has become the sole guardian of her son Lorenzo, suffering from severe agoraphobia. To assist her in her affairs there are the trusted maid Teresa, her best friend and partner Giulia, the young lawyer Alice and her collaborator Fausto. When Irene, until then totally absorbed by her commitments as a mother and a lawyer, meets the magistrate Sandro Gruber, she tries to resist the feelings she has for him, but little by little she manages to let go of a new relationship.

Genre: drama

Mariangela Melato: Irene Salvi
Filippo Rodriguez: Lorenzo Salvi
Rüdiger Joswig: Sandro Gruber
Mareike Carrière: Giulia Castelli

Luis Bacalov soundtrack

L'Avvocato delle Donne. Musiche di Luis Bacalov