The Roses of Danzig

(Le Rose di Danzica)

Director Alberto Bevilacqua


Le Rose di Danzica. Musica di Luis Bacalov

In 1919, while Germany is crossed by “squads” financed by the aristocrats to prevent the proletarian uprisings, Baron Erich Lehner casually meets General Konrad Von der Berg who kidnaps him and takes him to an abandoned military camp. The soldier is wanted by Hossbach, one of his former officers, because, having refused to serve in the forces employed for an unjust repression, he has been declared a deserter. Erich, initially reluctant and polemical towards the singular jailer, ends up becoming his friend and gathering from his mouth the series of experiences that have matured his social conscience. In the meantime, the members of Eric’s family – his brother Herbert, his sister-in-law Margarethe, his widow Elvira – are playing the dirty game of the aristocracy and the new “powerful”; and they go so far as to accept Baron Von Kn√∂benstof into their home, having risen to the title and rank through intrigue and having already been a servant of the Von Lehners. The ruthless Hossbach, captured Konrad, is about to shoot him when Erich, prayed by his friend, kills him personally. Later, while Hossbach and Von Kn√∂benstof are celebrating their triumph in the presence of the aristocrats, Erich brings Konrad’s corpse to a religious ceremony celebrated by the would-be rioters; then, having reached the park where the party is taking place, he kills Hossbach in front of everyone.

Genre: drama – historical

Franco Nero: general Konrad von Der Berg
Helmut Berger: baron Erich von Lehner
Olga Karlatos: Margarethe
Eleonora Vallone: Jutta
Franco Javarone: Klaus von Knobelsdorf

Luis Bacalov soundtrack

Le Rose di Danzica. Musica di Luis Bacalov
Le Rose di Danzica. Musica di Luis Bacalov

Le rose di Danzica 1