Loaded Guns

(Colpo in Canna)

Director Fernando Di Leo


Luis Bacalov Di Leo Andress Colpo in Canna

Nora Green is an American hostess who arrives in Naples. Under the pretext of a letter, received from the ‘American’, to be delivered to a Camorra boss, Nora delves into the criminal underworld. She falls in love with Manuel, a former circus acrobat boxer, and finally manages to fool everyone and returns to the United States with the money and her accomplices.

Fernando Di Leo was not satisfied with the final result of the film, as he stated: “I soon realised that the woman-man equation would not work for me, in the sense that it would not come out with poignancy, and so I pressed the comedy pedal… hence the hybrid: it did not become a comic film and not even an action film, but just enough comedy and action here and there”.

Genre action comedy crime

Ursula Andress: Nora Green
Woody Strode: Silvera
Marc Porel: Manuel
Isabella Biagini: Rosy
Lino Banfi: commissioner Calogero/the twin taxi driver
Aldo Giuffré: Don Calò

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Di Leo Andress Colpo in Canna