Mamma, mi si è depresso papà

Director Paolo Poeti


Luis Bacalov Mamma, mi si è depresso papà

Little Adriano is left to live alone with his father Stefano, after his mother Maria has left the marital roof.
The woman, a seller of antique furniture on TV, decided to separate from her husband tired of his hostile and egocentric character. Stefano is in fact a proud and narcissistic man, focused exclusively on his profession as a matrimonial lawyer, a job he does absolutely and impeccably. The one to pay the consequences of his parents’ bitter separation is little Adriano, who is not only suddenly called upon to accept the new family situation, but also finds himself emotionally supporting his father, who has fallen into depression after his wife’s adamant decision.
Stefano has in fact taken the separation very badly and is also convinced that Maria has a lover. In reality, the woman does not seem to be doing particularly well either. So, in spite of himself, the young boy finds himself playing the role of his parents’ therapist with incredible discernment, demonstrating uncommon maturity and patience.

Genre comedy drama

Andrea Roncato: Stefano
Eleonora Giorgi: Maria
Adriano Pantaleo: Adriano
Mariella Valentini: Antonietta

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov