Maniac Killer

Director Andrea Bianchi


Luis Bacalov Maniac Killer

A murderous cult kidnaps French prostitutes and tortures them to death to ‘purify’ them of their sins. The local pimps, understandably distraught, start investigating along with a man whose girlfriend was kidnapped by the cult and may still be alive. Meanwhile, the police are targeting Professor Roger Osborne, who is researching a cure for blood diseases – performing experimental tests, using computers, on animal guinea pigs provided to him by the disabled Matthieu.

Genre horror

Bo Svenson: conte Silvano
Chuck Connors: Roger Osborne
Robert Ginty: Gondrand
Suzanne Andrews: Lysia
Stanley Kapoul: Sam
Dora Doll: Dorine
Henri Lambert: butler
Olivier Mathot: Olivier

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Maniac Killer
Luis Bacalov Maniac Killer