Mi Vedrai Tornare

Gianni Morandi


Luis Bacalov Mi Vedrai Tornare Morandi

Music Luis Bacalov Bruno Zambrini

Lyrics Franco Migliacci

This ballad was the title song of the film of the same name where, for the first time, the female interpreter was not Laura Efrikian, but a young Japanese girl, to whom he sang this ‘Mi vedrai tornare’ in the final scene of the film, as the ship took him back to sea, since Morandi in the film was a cadet in the Navy. Other actors in the film were Loretta Goggi, Enzo Cerusico, Nino Taranto, Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello and, in the part of the father, there was the legendary HitParade presenter for many years: ‘Lelio Lutazzi’.
‘Mi vedrai tornare’ was the A-side of the 45 rpm, but the B-side ‘La Fisarmonica’ was more successful. In the weekly HitParade it came in 2nd place and in the annual HitParade in 36th place. The song is contained in the album ‘Gianni 3’.
Curiosity: the song was also recorded in Spanish for the South American market and the title is: ‘Me veras volver’.


Genre: Pop

Luis Bacalov Mi Vedrai Tornare Morandi
Luis Bacalov Mi Vedrai Tornare Morandi
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