Luis Bacalov - Ennio Morricone


Pitturamusica. Luis Bacalov - Ennio Morricone

Milan, 1972. The exhibition pitturamusica/corpopaesaggio at the Galleria Toninelli Arte Moderna offered the public a sensorial experience. The exhibition of nine paintings by Edolo Masci executed between 1968 and 1970 – centered on the female body stripped of its aesthetic meaning in order to emphasize the semantic meaning of the revelation of nature – was accompanied by music by Luis Bacalov and, to a lesser extent, Ennio Morricone. Each work was ‘connected’ to a headphone for listening to the appropriate piece, originating a homogeneous cycle of formal and musical structures which, from the transgression of painting, moved seamlessly towards musique concrète through the non-traditional use of instruments for timbre research, human voices reduced to linguistic syntagms in polyphonic combinations and noises perceptible only with electro-acoustic devices.

Genre: conremporary

1. la gioconda
2. s.b.
3. conchiglia
4. venere d’urbino
5. dopo apollo II
6. mela
7. corpopaesaggio
8. apollo II
9. corpopaesaggio 2

Pitturamusica. Luis Bacalov - Ennio Morricone