Director Nino Zanchin


Luis Bacalov Ann-Margret Rebus

Jeff, a young croupier, is fired for the umpteenth time for his drinking habit. A mysterious old man approaches him and convinces him to accept, with an excellent contract, the position of croupier at the Beirut Casino. He leaves and is harassed on the plane by a petulant American tourist, Brown, and her son. Arriving at his destination, he meets a girl who cheats at gambling but realises that many use tricks to win. He wants to alert the police but is prevented from doing so until the day he furtively meets with the police chief, the old man who hired him, and a casino syndicate leader. They ask Jeff to play the game of the cheating syndicate in order to find out who the boss is and what means have been used for years to defraud casinos all over the world. He thus enters the business and discovers tricks and people, who are arrested, but the money won disappears and the boss remains unknown. But Jeff, following the girl, finds the money. To the general surprise, the American tourist shows up and stops Jeff and the girl, who is a Syndicate agent. They manage to escape, but Brown also eludes the police. It is the old man who finds her on the plane and retrieves the money.

Genre crime drama

Laurence Harvey: Jeff Miller
Ann-Margret: Laura
Pepe Calvo: Benson
Ivan Desny: Ghinis
Camilla Horn: Emily Brown
Luis Morris: Tod
Luis Dávila: the cheat
Milo Quesada: Gonzalo
Jan Hendriks: director Play Boy
Lisa Halvorsen: nurse
Andrea Bosic: casino manager
Alberto de Mendoza: captain Zakir

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Ann-Margret Rebus
Luis Bacalov Ann-Margret Rebus
Luis Bacalov Ann-Margret Rebus