Rinaldo in Campo Domenico Modugno


Luis Bacalov Modugno Rinaldo in Campo

Music and lyrics Domenico Modugno Pietro Garinei Sandro Giovannini

Arrangements Luis Bacalov Nello Ciangherotti

“I worked on Rinaldo together with Modugno’s collaborator, Ciangherotti. We made arrangements that seemed mediocre to me, because we were strongly conditioned by Modugno: he insisted, for example, that we use the Hammond organ, which I did not want. Perhaps, given the kind of show, he was right, but the result seemed a bit poor to me. I had a lot of fun, though, also because Franchi and Ingrassia were in it. Today, I consider it a successful work as a popular show and as a musical comedy. The song Tre somari e Tre Briganti (Three Donkeys and Three Bandits), in particular, I still find very effective.”
Lus Bacalov

The story narrates the epic of the brigand Rinaldo Dragonera who operates in Sicily. Rinaldo is a sort of Robin Hood who steals from the rich to help the dispossessed. He falls in love with Angelica, a Sicilian noblewoman who supports Garibaldi’s cause.
Thanks to Angelica’s example, Dragonera realises that stealing, even if to help the poor, is still a crime, and therefore decides to join Garibaldi in the liberation of his Sicily from the Bourbons’ occupation. The moral is that love can overcome all adversities and change the soul of the most evil person.

Rinaldo Dragonera: Domenico Modugno
Angelica di Valscutari: Delia Scala
Chiericuzzo: Paolo Panelli
Prorunasu: Franco Franchi
Facciesantu: Ciccio Ingrassia

Genre musical

Luis Bacalov Modugno Rinaldo in Campo
Luis Bacalov Modugno Rinaldo in Campo
Luis Bacalov Modugno Rinaldo in Campo
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