Shoot First, Die Later

(Il Poliziotto è Marcio)

Director Fernando Di Leo


Luis Bacalov Di Leo Merenda

Police Commissioner Domenico Malacarne is a corrupt official who, with the complicity of Officer Garrito, manages to earn a lot of money thanks to bribes received from a gang of cigarette smugglers headed by Pascal, a French-Italian mafia boss. One day, however, seeing that his corrupters also demand cover for the arms trade, the commissioner decides to change his position and starts to obstruct them.
In response, the criminals first eliminate the elderly Serafino, an involuntary witness who had unveiled their activities with his denunciations; then the commissioner’s father, who is an honest carabinieri marshal, almost retired, and Sandra, Malacarne’s companion. At this point, the commissioner engages in a relentless fight against the gang, managing to eliminate Pascal, but will in turn be treacherously murdered by Garrito himself, who intends to take over from him.

Genre: thriller noir drama

Luc Merenda: Commissioner Domenico Malacarne
Richard Conte: Mazzanti
Delia Boccardo: art dealer Sandra
Raymond Pellegrin: Pascal
Gianni Santuccio: quaestor
Vittorio Caprioli: cav. Serafino Esposito
Salvo Randone: Marshal Malacarne

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Di Leo Merenda
Luis Bacalov Di Leo Merenda
Luis Bacalov Di Leo Merenda
Luis Bacalov Di Leo Merenda