Street People

(Gli Esecutori)

Director Maurizio Lucidi


Luis Bacalov Gli Esecutori Lucidi Roger Moore

Three strangers take possession of a large quantity of heroin hidden in a wooden crucifix that arrived from Sicily as a gift from drug ‘boss’ Salvatore Francesco to the Italian fishermen of San Francisco. Since the latter declares himself totally uninvolved in the affair – offended, indeed, by the sacrilegious use of his statue – his nephew Ulysses takes it upon himself to find out who is responsible. A trip to Sicily allows him to name the perpetrators of the theft and, once back in San Francisco, to track them down with the help of his friend Charlie. Mysterious assassins, however, kill the three men: their deaths allow Ulysses to recover the drugs, but not to ascertain on whose behalf they had acted. The solution, finally, comes to him from a conversation with the Catholic bishop of San Francisco, who is well aware of Salvatore’s immorality. Knowing, now, that at the origin of the whole affair is his uncle and that the latter also killed his father, in Sicily, Ulysses confronts the ‘boss’ and kills him.


Genre: action crime

Roger Moore: Ulisse
Stacy Keach: Charlie Hanson
Ivo Garrani: Salvatore
Fausto Tozzi: Luigi
Ettore Manni: Francis
Ennio Balbo: Don Giuseppe Continenza
Rosemarie Lindt: woman of Salvatore

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Gli Esecutori Lucidi Roger Moore
Luis Bacalov Gli Esecutori Lucidi Roger Moore
Luis Bacalov Gli Esecutori Lucidi Roger Moore