Tango e dintorni

Luis Bacalov piano


Tango e Dintorni. Luis Bacalov pianoforte

This record is the story of a journey, or better, of a return: that of a great composer like Luis Bacalov, in his own land and home, which is also the land and home of tango. It is also the celebration of a meeting between two sacred monsters, between two souls of artists who have sung Buenos Aires and Argentina, because Bacalov returns home to cross, as happened before, the paths of Carlos Gardel, singer and icon of the spirit of tango. However, he retraces these roads  that he already knows, having walked on every stone, with new eyes and always different feelings.
Here Bacalov welcomes Gardel’s inspiration, with the support of the piano only, he proposes once again the innovative, untouched spirit, whether he faces the tango, or lands on the shores of samba or waltz.  But to this personal elaboration of Gardel’s repertoire, he adds a touch of freedom that leads back to the great Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, unique reference in the work of rewriting the scores.
There is not only Gardel, however, in this record, because in a couple of occasions Bacalov also offers us a taste of his multiple links with cinema: with the poignant “Seducion”, from Robert Duval’s film, “Assassination Tango”.  And especially when listening to the notes of the soundtrack of “Il postino”.
Listening to this disc is a rare and precious opportunity to enter the variegated musical universe of Luis Bacalov, but also to reconstruct a solid plot with music, that of Gardel, which comes from afar, but which the Maestro reproposes in the light of an unexpected modernity.


Genre: tango

1 Mi Buenos Aires Querido
2 Paseo di Julio
3 La Cumparsita
4 Sueños de Juventud
5 Golondrinas
6 El Dia que me Quieras
7 Milonga Sentimental
8 Seducción
9 Volver
10 Amores de Estudiantes
11 Caminito
12 Caminito Soleado
13 Madreselva
14 Lejana Tierra Mia
15 Adiós Muchachos
16 Ricercare Baires 1
17 A Media Luz
18 Melodia de Arrabal
19 Il Postino