The Postman

(Il Postino)

“When you try to explain poetry, it becomes trivial. Better than any explanation is the direct experience of emotions, capable to explain poetry to the soul willing to understand it".


scena da Il Postino con le musiche di Luis Bacalov

Directors MIchael Radford, Massimo Troisi

Academy Awards, USA 1996. Oscar for Best Music, Original Dramatic Score Luis Bacalov

The Postman is a 1994 film directed by Michael Radford and Massimo Troisi, inspired by the novel “Ardiente paciencia” by Antonio Skarmeta. Set on an island in southern Italy, it follows the story of Mario Ruoppolo (Massimo Troisi), a simple man, son of fishermen, and unemployed. Resident of the island is also Pablo Neruda (Philippe Noiret), a political refugee, whom Mario has to deliver daily mail to. Days go by and the young postman is increasingly fascinated by the Chilean poet: with him he discusses poetry and metaphor, he travels around the island and forms a bond of sincere friendship. One day, in the tavern, Mario meets Beatrice (Maria Grazia Cucinotta) and falls madly in love with her.
To win her heart, he decides to dedicate romantic verses to her and goes to his newly acquired friend and teacher Neruda for help. After courting the girl for days, despite the disapproval of the girl’s aunt, the couple gets married with the blessing of the Chilean poet. During the wedding banquet, Neruda receives news from Chile that his exile is over: he can finally go home. The two friends say goodbye and Mario, unemployed once again, begins to work in the tavern, without however giving up poetry and his membership in the Communist party. Life goes on, Beatrice is expecting a child and the Christian Democrats win the elections. Five years later Neruda returns to the island with his wife and immediately goes to the tavern. Regrettably though a bitter surprise awaits him.


Genre: comedy

Massimo Troisi: Mario Ruoppolo
Philippe Noiret: Pablo Neruda
Maria Grazia Cucinotta: Beatrice Russo
Linda Moretti: donna Rosa
Renato Scarpa: Giorgio Serafini
Mariano Rigillo: doctor Di Cosimo
Anna Bonaiuto: Matilde Urrutia
Simona Caparrini: Elsa Morante

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Locandina del film Il Postino con le musiche di Luis Bacalov
scena dal film Il Postino con le musiche di Luis Bacalov

Il Postino

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