Un Caso d’Incoscienza

Director Emidio Greco


Luis Bacalov Un Caso d’Incoscienza Greco Fossey

Erik Sander is a Swedish industrialist who has created a huge financial empire. In 1932 he too is struck by the wave of the 1929 crisis. He reacts against misfortune by organizing a cruise for a group of important cosmopolitan eccentrics. The story of the cruise is told parallelly to that of the investigation into the death of Sander himself who disappears and is believed to have committed suicide. The inquest is carried out by a journalist called Anderson, who by means of a series of interviews with some of those taking part in the cruise, and with the help of Elizabeth, Sander’s fiancé who really loved him, arrives at the conclusion that Sander has not committed suicide. Is this a case of murder or of escape? In the end Anderson arrives very close to the truth but decides not to reveal the solution and thus permits the false idea of Sander’s death to go on existing.


Genre: drama

Erland Josephson: Erik Sander
Brigitte Fossey: Elisabeth
Rüdiger Vogler: Anderson
John Steiner: Milton Tennyson
Claudio Cassinelli: Manlio Crivelli
Margaret Mazzantini: Helga

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Un Caso d’Incoscienza Greco Fossey
Luis Bacalov Un Caso d’Incoscienza Greco Fossey