Una Questione d’Onore

Director Luigi Zampa


Luis Bacalov Una Questione d’Onore Zampa Tognazzi

In a small town in Sardinia, the Sanna and Porcu families have been fighting for years over old rifts. Don Leandro Sanna, the last survivor of his family, feels enormously endangered and decides to strike back by paying someone to kill Egidio Porcu. The man he chooses as his hitman is Efisio Mulas, a Sardinian shepherd who has fled his homeland because he has been falsely accused of murder even before his wedding night with his bride. Don Leandro promises Efisio that he will help him to be exonerated if he commits this crime for him: in reality the shepherd, having returned to the village, immediately runs off to make love to his wife, while Egidio is killed by unknown persons. This puts Efisio in an equivocal position: if he did not kill Egidio because he was not in the village, who got his wife Domenicangela pregnant? This confrontation calls for a revenge of honour.


Genre: comedy

Ugo Tognazzi: Efisio Mulas
Nicoletta Machiavelli: Domenicangela Piras
Bernard Blier: don Leandro Sanna
Franco Fabrizi: Egidio Porcu
Lucien Raimbourg: Liberato Piras

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov

Luis Bacalov Una Questione d’Onore Zampa Tognazzi
Luis Bacalov Una Questione d’Onore Zampa Tognazzi