Uno dei Mods – Cosa Pensi di Me

Ricky Shayne


Luis Bacalov Ricky Shayne Migliacci Uno dei Mods

Uno dei Mods: lyrics and music Gian Claudio Mantovani, Gianni Meccia, Franco Migliacci. Cosa Pensi di Me: lyrics and music Franco Migliacci, Bruno Zambrini

Arrangements Luis Bacalov

Uno dei Mods is set in Liverpool, but is inspired by the battles in the streets of the London suburbs between the rival Mod and Rocker gangs.
It was Ricky Shayne’s first big hit, and he climbed the Italian Hit Parade charts with it.

Genre pop

Luis Bacalov Ricky Shayne Migliacci Cosa pèensi di me
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