What a Sky, Su Nel Cielo

Nico Fidenco


Luis Bacalov Nico Fidenco What a sky Su nel cielo

Music and lyrics Giuseppe Cassia Giovanni Fusco Francesco Maselli

Arrangement Luis Bacalov

It is the song that in 1960 marked the debut in the world of song of Nico Fidenco. The song was part of the soundtrack to Francesco Maselli’s film I delfini, starring Tomas Milian and Claudia Cardinale. In truth, Paul Anka’s Crazy Love was supposed to appear on the soundtrack, but faced with the astronomical sum demanded by whoever held the musical rights, he fell back on a homemade song specially made for the film.
And it was a real success. The song reached number one in the sales charts, highlighting the talent of this new artist, chosen after several auditions.
The record had a peculiarity: on one side Fidenco sang in English and on the other side he sang the same tune in Italian.

Genere pop

Luis Bacalov Nico Fidenco What a sky Su nel cielo
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